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Friday, May 29, 2020

How content writers can make money apart from freelancing.

How content writers can make money apart from freelancing.
1.  Make AdSense / Taboola networks website
2. Become the Freelance writer                       
3. Make Medium Blog
4. Earn through the Gest posting
5. Become Social designers
6. Become Amazon affiliate web developer by writing a good post about your products.
7. Write an eBook
8. Teach an online course and make money
9. Become app review writer and make money
10. Become an SEO expert by writing SEO friendly articles

1. Make AdSense / Taboola networks website
If  you are  the  creative  writer and content  writer  and  want to make some good  amount of the money  with  your  skill then you  are on the right platform. In this  article  you  will find  how  you  can use  your  writing  skills  to make money online. I will  tell  you  how  you  can  make  money  through the monetization  process  . There  many  ad networks available  in the  market  but  I have  experience  with  following  ad networks  they  are  very  good  as  you  want to  make money  , they  are safe  and  reliable  and  No scam  100% trusted ad networks. There  are  the  following  ad Networks  you  should  follow  as  the  monetization  process  is considered.
1.1  Google AdSense 
 Google AdSense is one of the  most trusted  ad network  out there  as  the  trust  and approval is considered. My  Experience  with  Google  AdSense is very  Good. If  you  are  the creative  writer of content  writer  than I would  suggest  you, you  should make the blog  or  website  .you  can  use the WordPress  of blogger  to make  the blog for  you  it’s  up  to  you. But their many  pros  and cons  for both  of the  WordPress  and blogger  as well  so  you  should also  consider  to  them  as  well.
you  should  have the  a completely  designed website and , easily  managed that  website  .your  website  should  have the copyright free  and 100 % genuine content. You should make the website according to AdSense policy and not according to your conformity. All  you  have  to  do  is   just  have  website and with  40  plus unique  article with  one  article  of  1000  words.

These  articles  needs  to  submit  in the  Google  webmaster  tools as sitemap  and  also  you  need to  submit  these  articles  in the  articles  submission  directory  as  well . Submit  your site  to  various  webmasters  so  that  your  website  should  have  some  traffic  as  well  . It  requires  only  100 page views  per  day  and you  get  your  adsense  approved  .
1.2  Taboola Ad network
It  is  also  very  popular  ad network  as  well ,If  you want to be approved  by  the  Taboola  Ad network  than  your  website  should  have  at least  5 million page views per month .If  you  are  once  approved  by the Taboola  Ad  Network. You  have  to  do  nothing  to  do  else  .Because  It  will  give  you  at  least  500 US  dollars  per month  .
1.3 Media.Net
One  of  the  popular  ad  networks in the market are  .It  is the ad  network of Bing  and you  know  that  Bing  is the  search  Engine by the  Microsoft. But  there are  some  limitation  for the  Bing  Ad Network  because  it requires only the  US-based  traffic or  the  international  traffic on your website. I mean  if have  website  but this  website only  have the traffic  of India  of Pakistan then you  will  not  going  to  earn  as  much  as  you  can. Because  It gives  you maximum  impression  on the  US-based  traffic  and gives  you the  minimum impression on the any  other  country  India and  Pakistan  are  on the  list who  have  the  minimum  rate as well.
2. Become a Freelance writer
Creative  writer  or  the  content writer is    the  assists  of  freelance market place. They can  make money  through  their  creative writing and content  writing skills easily.Because  on the freelance  market  the place  there is  many  orders on the daily  bases only  for   the content  writers  so its  golden chance to  get the order form  these  places as well. If you  are  the creative  writer  than you  should have a profile  of yours  on the,, fiver .com, and
These  are  the  best  freelance  market  place  but the problem  with  freelance article writing is  that you have to  wait  for the  client and orders and you should have the patience that is the most important thing on freelancing. If  you are not  getting  orders  than  don get panic  and don’t quit earlier, as I said that  freelancing  is  all  about  patience. Do  hard  work  and make your  portfolio  website  as  well so  that  user  can  view  clearly  your  work  and  see  who    you  are  and  what  are  the  projects you  have done  before.
3. Become a writer
A medium blog  writer  as  also  very  good way  to make the   money from  your creative  and content writing skill. I have tried  this  the platform, it’s  free  and instant  land you a  good  job  if  your  words  have  power  and if your  word  could  change the  thought  of people  .It  is the latest emerging  platform  where  you  can  make  instant money  by just  having   your profile. Making an account  on this   the platform  is so  easy  that  you  can  log in with  your  Google  or  Gmail  account as  well.
The process  to  make  the  money  online as a creative writer  and  content writer  skill  by  the  help as  by the making profile  and  just  writing the post. People will  make read    your  post and make the like button  on .If   your blog  have like by the time  medium  will  observe  your  account and if  you  are writing   the article  100 % copyright free  and not  posting the article by  the  spinning process,  you will  definitely  get   the likes as  well. With the help of likes, you will get money as a return.

4. Earn through Gest Post
 If  you  are the  blogger  and  have a website  that has the articles and your  website  also  have the page authority  almost  6  of higher. You  will  have  the opportunity  to  offer a guest posts on your website. You  can  put the gest  post  banner on  your  website and  user  will  content you  so  that  you can  earn money. You can have the price distribution as well for days and months well.
5. Become Social Media Designer and Manager
Do you have creative writing and content marketing skill and you want to make the money. It is very easy if you know how to use the social media platform.Then you are on the right platform. There are many jobs are available for the both local and freelance market place. You can also do affiliate marketing by the help your creative writing. You  can  influence your  Facebook followers  by your  creative writing posts to  buy  your affiliate  products
6. Become Amazon affiliate web developer by writer a good post about your products.
Content  writers  always  have  good  weapon of  their  words  to  influence the people online .so  by using this  skill they  can  influence people  to  buy some products as well.  I  saw many content  writers who  just post  a product on their instagram page  and Facebook  page people are actually  getting into  their posts and listen to  them  like they  are their doctors  as  well  as their friends  ask the writer to  suggest some good  product on their health  As  well  as on their skin  color so being a good content writer you  can earn  through  affiliate marketing as  well  I  would suggest you,  you should  become affiliate marketer  if you  have a good  audience on apps, web, social  media pages  as  well  as on the YouTube channel  if  you  have it  write the script  and hire any  girls to  speak  for your  channel  because people always believe that girls always speak the truth,  which is totally wrong. 
7. Write an eBook
Writing  can  makes you  even  more  better in  making money online  if  you  are a content writer and want more  form  the daily income  of yours  than. I  would  suggest  you  pick  one topic online and search  the  information  about  it  online and then make the eBooks  and give it to  many  online  selling companies like amazon,aliexpress,daraz,olx, and many  companies  like that, .you have to  develop the book  once but you  can  earn  for the lifetime  form  this book  by  putting  it to any online selling company.
8. Teach an online course and make money
Teaching has been a  very  good  passion  if you  want to  earn  from your  teaching  skill than you  will  get  the  a  very  good money  from it as  well. You  go  online  and sell  your teaching  skill to  people and makes a very  good money from it. AS  content writer you  can teach people how to  write best post and article  for  your site and for your  business as  teach the technical  writing skill to  people  as well I  saw many people  teaching  on,,, as  well as on edx these  are the online learning  platform  teachers  are here  from the many  countries  from all  around  the world. They teach people and earn money from it.  As content writer  teacher  you  can  earn  money from  you  efficient teaching skill as  well  .
9. Become app review writer and make money
If you  are  a  person  who  can  give good reviews to  anything  like a mobile  app, you can make a  very  good money  from  you  this skill. I  saw  many reviews  writer’s  they are  making a  good approach  in this skill by  offering their skill on line  that  they  can  give a  good  review  to  your  app  please hire  us.
10. Become an SEO expert by writing SEO friendly articles
SEO optimized  article  writing  is also  a  very  good  opportunity  for  content  writers  many content writer  are  hired by the BBC news  CNN news  like  big news  companies  to  write the post that has millions of views in a  day. If you  ever  saw the news in the  Google  news  catalogue you  will  see the post  in Google  news  always  count  in  millions of views even  the post has just published in  less than  an hour.

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