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Monday, May 11, 2020

Tips and tricks to write articles copyright-free without English Knowledge.

Tips and tricks to write articles copyright-free without English Knowledge.


Content writing is a part of the Freelancing and many bloggers and Search Engine Optimization writers use this technique to  rank  their blog post to 10 pages of Google.
Google is something like a search engine Google uses of our Queries store cookies about search volume. Errors in writing are it a challenge but in this blog post and going to tell you how you can write better SEO optimized articles without any effort.

There are the following steps that you need to follow to write better content without having strong knowledge in the English language. I am a professional blogger and a software engineer content writing blog post for various platforms like a medium blogger and also a freelance writer I use this technique to write for professional e-commerce and non-professional description about pages another things like that.

Usually, I use these techniques to write a blog post for my website also uses this technique to approve AdSense in Pakistan. Approving Google  Adsense is something like strong meaning in Pakistan because Google has billions of websites and approx 80 a billion websites containing trillions of content so writing up perfect SEO optimized and copyright-free articles are very challenging these days. I am going to tell you the steps to follow to write SEO optimized article without English language knowledge in these days.

Get your keyword search Ideas

Writing SEO optimized article without English language knowledge there is one step that you need to follow go on Google and search for the keyword research tools online. and when you search on the Google keyword research tool you will find one keyword research to link on the top of Google.

 I am sure that you will find a Google keyword research tool stops the previous name of Google keyword the research tool was Google AdWords keyword planner and recently the Google has changed this keyword search name as Google keyword planner all you have to do to put your keyword in the search bar and get the ideas about your article. Getting your keyword ideas because if you don't know how to write an article in the English language without having knowledge in the English language that how you can write in the English language even if you know you don't know the topic of your article.

 Switch on the social media pages

Getting ideas on writing as you need to follow the social media pages to get the ideas about what the people are searching on social media pages and Google search the engine of course. The best strategy to get ideas about but the people are searching is to use your Facebook pages.

Keyword density

Writing SEO optimized article you must have some technical term knowledge about SEO. if you are a person try to write an article in the English language so that your article I try ok Google you must know some technical terms of Search Engine Optimization and one of them is keyword density. I can explain keyword density e in some simple words like if your topic of the article is that how to write in the English language without having English language knowledge this is your keyboard main keyword. a survey has been that a good article must repeat the title approximately 372 11 x in the article for the ranking because in Google to pause that going to scan your article one of them is Google panah and one of them is Google pinned. when you write an article on your website and left your article for many days it is said that 45 days Google port scan the website takes a snippet of your website store in the pot gallery. this is the gallery that stores the method access difference and other stuff like that of yours.

Meta tag description

 Writing article in the English language without native language knowledge you must also consider the Meta tag description as well. Meta tag description is it is said that it should be 150 words short description of your whole article. If you are writing an article on Word Press then you probably using Yoast SEO plugin for writing an essay to optimize an article. this plugin has a tap automatic description it will also show you that how going to look your website when using the search on the Google the description of your article that is 150 word going to be displayed after the URL of your website and a user can probably rasid this description and click on your website so it should be neat and clean and must have the full description of your 1000 words article inches 150.
 Headings and subheadings
Writing headings and subheadings make your user easy  to understand the meaning and purpose of the article .if you  don't do this, It will make him confused about what you are trying to say an in your article I will going to leave your website. you might have seen that the article with headings and subheadings are easy to understand article that is written is just like a newspaper and nothing else. also increases your Bounce rate and if you don't write headings and subheadings in your SEO optimized article in the English language.
Copyright-free images
 I visited some of the websites they are probably using images that are populated and also these images are very Balky and it will also increase the loading time of your website. Having loading time greater than 4.5 seconds the user probably leaves that website. if the user leaves that website he also increases the bounce rate of that particular website which is very bad for ranking that particular website. so always use lightweight copyrighted free images.there  is a question I can find copyright-free images on Google because of their terms of images that are used by millions of websites and the data of that particular website are stored in Google. You can search on Google that how you can find copyright-free images. you can also search for use of flash pixabay and Shutterstock these websites provide copyright-free images. Shutterstock asks the user to specify the attributes of the author of that particular image so if you are using the copyright-free images from the Shutterstock website you need to write the name of that particular image and the author of that image stop.
 Use Grammarly
 Is a website uses your article and finds plagiarism in your article. it also shows the grammatical mistake in medical mistakes in your article. Provide your suggestion that how you can rearrange your content and remove grammatical mistakes in your article.

  YouTube captions

 If you don't write the article in the English language are you don't know how to write in the English language, but you are a blogger or content writer who wants to write content for your website without English language knowledge you can search on YouTube about your topic. let your particular you from the YouTube, would be to get the YouTube caption captions. wanted When I started WordPress blogging I  had wasted many dollars writing articles because I had to pay the content writers to write an optimized article in the English language. I tried this method is method getting YouTube captions. I had approved my first Google AdSense account buy just getting youtube captions and rearranging them into an article by using Grammarly plugin. And has helped me a lot in getting good quality content without having a piece of good knowledge in the English language. I must say this is one of the best plugins for the Teachers, students, and content writers as well.
 Getting content from expired domains
 It is  another method for getting content from expired domains, the  movement, you think about expired domains the one thing will come in your mind the website which has been locked which is actually wrong. Getting content from expired domains means that the website which was originally registered in Google or someone has been having registered this website for many days. And you know that when you register a website with two main names the company color company will going to provide you to Maine for one year. it means that if you have registered your website for one year and after one hour you have to renew your website but you have decided that you don't go to register your website after 1 year that will be considered as your expired main and 30 to main will have a test domain authority as well because they have pain in the eyes of Google for 1 year. That means Google knows about something that particular website. so where you can find this website you have to do just going to Google and search for this is the website where you cannot find all the information the domain the website which has been which is going to expire soon in the year. Send. Your particular expired domain you have to go on that particular website and search if there is some content available on that particular website these articles that are present in the expired domains are already in the eyes of total just go on to Google and search for an article writer’s
 Spinning of articles
 The general term that you can't use the article for ranking of the website. But if you are using expired domain article and then and these articles rewriting these articles are changing some synonyms in the articles. You can use the article for the ranking website is not going to Pounds your website is not going to be the negative impact on your website, also is not when your website as well. Because the article that was published on that inspired Maine is a known logo in Google's directory. Google considers genuine content if that particular content is not available on any other website. if you notice that I have explained about the expired domain rewriting articles. so if you are using the articles of the expired domain that is not a property of anyone so in the directory of Google, these articles are now the property of no one. you have used this article in your website that means that they are now the property of yours full stop if I am using this article in my website from expired domains and these are not going to be registered by anyone, can I use article fore ranking marketing glancing another platform as well because his article is hundred percent copyright free and also SEO optimize an article.
the last step of my content writing without language knowledge
 Use Google Voice
 Google Voice has had not in writing static content without having a content writer on Upwork freelancer as well. PeoplePerHour is also a website for freelance writers and also for other freelancers. I heard many freelance writers write an article for my website. After that, I had decided to write my own blog post by myself. You are reading this article I have written this article by using two stands up Google docs. I want to work only for you then you are RR little bit English Poker. Google Voice any other I had used for writing many articles efficiency is approximately 85% but if you have a good ascent of speaking the English language it will also going to provide 100% 192 95% efficiency for the person who did not speak in the English language as well all you have to do then go on to the second most powerful search engine called YouTube and search of for your topic and understand the title of your topic and description of that particular person is saying and then that video you have to understand it, and then you are going to in your only working on the Google Voice, now write that information that you have gathered from the particular YouTube video in a better format.
 Last step of writing good quality content
 The score on Google and search for copy leaks, you can search for sideliner, you can also use other websites called Copyscape the tool I have discussed these are the free tools search for the preparation in your article. Because going to check the copyright of your that was what percent of your content is genuine and what percent of your content is copyrighted. is suicide going to tell you the copyrighted status 100% true? Google panda Has the same efficiency of copyright scanning flight Copyscape and Grammarly Plagiarism checker.

 I had Explained  to  you, how you can write SEO optimized article in the English language without having good knowledge in the English language by using some of the modern online tools available free for you.  Get ideas about your topic next  step to write the article  use  Grammarly  plagiarism  checker that is 100% efficient and also free for you you can also, go with play paid program as well but I would suggest you if you are a beginner and don't have money then don't go with the paid plan you can go with the free plan as well and can have a free version of that particular website and can you get a copyrighted scan of your article without spending any single penny. 

The last step going to be publishing your blog post on your website If you are using Blogger then I would suggest you please write your title in the description section and if you are using a WordPress then it will go to rank your website on the basis of Meta Tag and  Keyword. Then I would suggest you should use Yoast SEO plugin and it will have a Keyword section as well as Meta tag description section where you can write the 150-word character in that tab. The last step shares your articles on different social media platforms like Facebook Twitter WhatsApp so that users can find your website article and also this will going to provide you social signals as well put your article to ranking as soon as possible in Google search console. I hope that I was able to explain to the person who doesn't have enough knowledge about the English language.

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